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Rekenwonder Software

Briefcase Plus 2.0.3 (1030 kB- Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008) is a utility for backing up and synchronizing collections of files on two different computers, just like the Windows Briefcase.
But in comparison to the Windows Briefcase, Briefcase Plus has the following advantages:
  • only modified files are ported to the briefcase. The briefcase retains the last time it was updated, and loads only files that have been changed since that time.
  • the briefcase contents are compressed. This lets you take 100% to 500% more data on a briefcase.
  • the files you work on will always be on the local hard disk (and not on a floppy disk), and will only be copied to the briefcase when you load the briefcase. So accessing these files will be much faster.


Briefcase Plus Screen Shot

Typically, you can use Briefcase Plus for synchronization between your computer at work and your computer at home, or between your desktop and your portable. You will work on one computer, then load the briefcase (with your modified files), and take it to the second computer. There, you will unload the briefcase, updating all these files on this second computer.
Then you can work on this second computer, and load the briefcase again afterwards.

Improvements in this version 2.0:

  • Better progress indicator
  • Improved New Briefcase Wizard
  • Improved interface
  • XP Visual Styles
  • Solved several bugs


  • You can also use Briefcase Plus for making an "incremental" backup of one of your folders into another folder on the same computer.
  • Briefcase Plus allows complete control over the folders and file types to be included in the backup operation, including masks for both including and excluding specific file types (using wildcards).
  • Once a project specifying the folders/file types for a briefcase has been set up, the configuration can be saved with the briefcase and recalled later for automatic synchronization.
  • Folders may differ on different computers. You can for instance use a c:\data folder on one computer, and a d:\projects folder on another. A briefcase can detect which computer it is opened on, and then use the corresponding location.

Briefcase Plus is freeware.

Download Briefcase Plus Location 1
Download Briefcase Plus Location 2
Download Briefcase Plus Older version 1.1.6